How to Get Good Reviews

5 star reviewsYou’ve heard the saying: no one is perfect. Well, no business is perfect either, and your customers know that.

That’s why aiming to earn only 5-star reviews is shortsighted. By targeting only your happiest customers, you could be missing out on a valuable resource: namely, your mostly happy customers.

They’re the people who have generally positive things to say about you but might have a few minor criticisms, or else they reserve 5-star reviews for only their very favorite businesses.

No smart business owner would ask a clearly unhappy customer to write a review. But if you write off the mostly satisfied customers and focus only on the people who might write rave reviews, you’re leaving money on the table.

How to Get Good Reviews

Ready to start earning those 4 and 5-star reviews? Here’s how to do it:

First, ask your customers for feedback. You want to gauge each person’s experience with your business. Ask questions at the end of your interaction, such as “How did we do today?” and “How would you rate your experience with us?”

When the person’s feedback is positive – or even just mostly positive – ask for a review. Say something like, “Glad to hear it. It would be amazing if you wanted to write us a review on Google to let other customers know about us!”

Note that you should change up the sites that you name, which will ensure you’re sending customers to a variety of review sites. That’s important because 37 percent of customers go directly to a favorite review site when comparing businesses. Your goal is to get positive reviews posted regularly on all the major sites, so each customer can find them no matter what site he or she favors.

The best way to get more 5 STAR REVIEWS is to ask. Autopilot your ability to get feedback and get 5 star reviews from customers… Guaranteed
After the purchase of your product or service, before requesting a review ask for their feedback. It shows you care and also gives you the opportunity to know if they are indeed happy. If they are not satisfied, they will let you know and you can fix the issue BEFORE it becomes a bad review online. When a customer tells you that they love your services, now is the time to mention that you would appreciate an online review. Make it EASY for them to leave you a online 5 STAR REVIEW.

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 by Nicolas S.
Having a 4 or 5 star rating for your business is critical today

Having a 4 or 5 star rating for your business is critical today. There is no doubt consumers are using online reviews more than ever in their decision process.

 by Hellen A.
Online 5-Star Reviews are like Gold...

Online 5-Star Reviews are like Gold today. Positive customer testimonials posted on review websites can help tip the scales with local prospects turning them into to new sales leads.

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